About Current Coordinates

What is Current Coordinates? First I’ll tell you a few things it’s not… I won’t be guiding you how to contour your face & what the best extensions are, I won’t be coaching you to a perfect body, and I won’t be teaching you how to become the next top chef. While all those things are fabulous, it’s simply not my forte! I am a wife & mother who is busy navigating those roles in the present moment. So although I will share my beauty, health, and kitchen tips with you along the way, it is not my focus. My focus is the here, the now, the present… the current coordinate. Whatever that may be!

So here’s what Current Coordinates IS and what you can expect on this adventure with me.

Over time I’ve come to realize that life is a journey, made up of countless coordinates. Some good, some hard, some magical, some average, some life-changing and honestly every phase of the moon in between… it is these intersections that make the whole ride of life memorable. Current Coordinates is a blog where I’ll share personal experiences of my various crossroads in life. Some may be actual geographical coordinates (as travel is a BIG part of my world), while others may be intersections of emotions, thoughts, or ideas. Hopefully my stories can connect with you in some way, maybe motivate you, or if nothing else- entertain you!

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your coordinates may be, embrace the moment & enjoy your journey <3