About Christina Cowle

Aloha! My name is Christina Lynn Cowle and I am a 20-something, 21st century woman adventuring through this wild world as a wife and mother. I was born in Hawaii, raised in Wisconsin, moved to California when I was 18, and have been a gypsy of the world ever since.

I attended college in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, where I received degrees in Dance and Business. After graduation I set off on a whirlwind adventure dancing in a worldwide tour for Disney. Traveling from Taiwan to Guatemala, Japan to Mexico, living on a tour bus, and everywhere in between! I was living my dream as a professional performer.

Hanging up my princess tiara was a difficult decision, but once that chapter was over I moved to Chicago, Illinois where I was honored to land a spot as a Chicago Luvabull. Being a dancer for the iconic NBA team was hands down one of the best and coolest experiences of my life. But after all the amazing hair flips on court, I was ready for another adventure.

From Chicago I moved to Las Vegas for a bit and performed as a dancer/singer but shortly after, my hubs was whisking me away to Hawaii. It was finally being back “home” in paradise that I was able to settle in for a bit. It was the longest I had lived anywhere for my adult life! But staying in one place is easy when your heart is full. We had our dream wedding in Hawaii, bought our first home together, and welcomed our daughter into this world <3 I was also fortunate enough to open a few new shows in Honolulu and continue my dance, model, acting career. It was also while in Hawaii, that I was finally able to put my business degree to use and started working as an international event planner. A lot of things can happen when you plant some roots!?!

However our paradise chapter came to a close, and we made the epic move to EUROPE. Germany is our resident country for now, but you never know how long we will stay in one place… I am currently dancing professionally part time, and homemaking full time. Taking care of a toddler and growing a baby can be tough work– who knew?! (sarcasm + eye roll)

I cherish where life has taken me, I greatly appreciate where I am now, and I am excited for what the future holds… that is my current situation. I hope you enjoy Current Coordinates and my adventures, as well as embrace your own current coordinates!